1. By booking and registering a hotel room, the Guest confirms that he/she will abide by the following internal rules of the hotel “Zyplių dvaro oficina” (hereinafter referred to as the Hotel). Failure to do so may result in the Guest being warned by the hotel staff (hereinafter referred to as the Administration), and if the Guest is not following these rules or knowingly violating it, he/she may be asked to leave the Hotel. In this case, the money paid by the Guest is not refundable and the Guest must pay for all services purchased before departure.
  2. To ensure the safety of the Hotel’s Guests and property, the Hotel’s common areas and the outdoors are equipped with video surveillance cameras.
  3. Guest arrival/check-in at the Hotel is from 3PM, check-out/departure is until 12PM.
  4. The Hotel is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Breakfast is served in the restaurant Kuchmistrai daily from 8AM until 10:30AM. The Hotel room service works from 9AM until 4PM.
  5. Guests and accompanying Guests arriving at the Hotel must check in at the self-check-in terminal, indicating/scanning the details of the valid identity document (s) (passport (s), identity card (s)).
  6. The Guest must pay the bill for accommodation (and meals, if booked together with the accommodation) 7 days before the arrival and for all other services provided during his/her stay immediately after the services have been provided. For additional services provided during the stay at the Hotel, the Guest pays in cash or by bank card at the restaurant Kuchmistrai.
  7. The Guest staying in a double room pays a lower room rate of EUR 15. At the request of the Guest and if possible, extra persons can be accommodated in the room for an additional cost.
  8. The Guest staying at the Hotel for less than 24 hours pays the 24-hour price, regardless of check-out time.
  9. If the Guest wishes to leave later than 12PM, the validity of the Guest’s stay and room lock code will be extended if possible. The Guest leaving after 12PM until 6PM are subject to a 50% room rate. For leaving later than 6PM, the Guest pays a fee equal to 100% of the room price per night.
  10. The Guest who paid for the accommodation, as well as for additional services, but does not arrive/decides not to use it, will not be refunded. If the Guest leaves the Hotel earlier than foreseen in the reservation, for example, if he/she does not stay full time, the money will not be refunded for the time not spent.
  11. The Hotel reserves the right at its discretion, not to allow unwanted or suspicious persons. Unwanted persons are those who have previously stayed in the Hotel and have not paid for the services, appropriated or damaged the Hotel property and/or inventory and have not reimbursed the Hotel for it in good faith.
  12. All Guests staying at the Hotel (and Guests’ visitors) must follow cleanliness and established procedures, save and use the Hotel’s equipment, devices, furniture and other items in the rooms and common areas properly and for the intended purpose and immediately notify the Hotel Administration of any observed failures.
  13. All items in the Hotel rooms and other Hotel premises, except for one-time hygiene products for the Guest’s use, as well as food in the room (coffee, tea, sugar, sweetener) left for the Guest’s use are the property of the Hotel and are not allowed to be taken away from the Hotel.
  14. When leaving the room and the Hotel, the Guest must for security reasons make sure that the door closes behind and locks itself. For the same reason, the Guest must keep the unlock code given to him/her and do not disclose it to persons not living with him/her in the Hotel room.
  15. If the room / Hotel inventory is lost or damaged due to the Guest’s fault, the culprit indemnifies the Hotel for damages according to the established rates. If Guests cannot be accommodated due to damage (damaged room inventory, damaged electrical wires, pipes, etc.), the full price of the room will be paid during the damage elimination period. Parents/guardians/caregivers are liable for damage caused to the Hotel by minors, incapacitated/disabled guests.
  16. Guests must keep valuables in the in-room safe or entrust it to the Hotel Administration. The Administration reserves the right not to accept items that, due to their nature, size or value, may cause additional costs or inconvenience to the Hotel. The Hotel is not responsible for Guests’ items left outside the in-room safe.
  17. The Hotel Administration has the right to enter the Guest room in case of danger to the safety of the Guest (s) and/or the threat of damage to their property, as well as after received complaints from other hotel Guests.
  18. Upon leaving the Hotel, the Guest must make sure that all services are paid for and check out at the self-service terminal. In case of unpaid goods or services, as well as if the Hotel inventory has been damaged during the Guest’s stay in the room, the Guest must contact the Hotel
  19. Administration located in the restaurant “Kuchmistrai” or call by the phone: +37034620600 and pay the bills.
  20. For all goods and services purchased/used by the Hotel Guest who checked out and left without paying for it or caused damage to the Hotel and did not reimburse it before check-out, the Hotel has the right to deduct the relevant amount from the Guest’s bank card after informing him/her by the contact telephone number or e-mail address indicated on the registration card.
  21. For the Guest who has not vacated the room before 2PM and when it is not possible to contact him, or when the Guest maliciously does not pay for the provided services and does not vacate the room at the request of the Administration, the Administration reserves the right to transfer the items in the room to the premises stored in the Hotel and store it until collection for a fee set by the Hotel Administration.

It is forbidden in the Hotel:

  • To move the furniture (applicable to sofas, beds, cabinets, cupboards, tables) in the room, to take it to common areas, another room, outdoor without the permission of the Hotel Administration.
  • To store flammable materials in the Hotel room and common areas, to fire and burn candles, incense.
  • To damage the Hotel inventory.
  • To accommodate more people than specified in the Hotel’s reservation system.
  • To leave electrical appliances unattended or to cover electrical appliances with objects and fabrics not specially designed for this purpose.
  • To keep animals, birds, reptiles, insects in the room. For non-compliance with the insurance, the Guest will be fined EUR 100 per violation.
  • To disturb other Guests of the Hotel to rest. Noise (i.e., loud music, playing musical instruments, singing loudly, shouting, whistling and other noisy behaviour) is prohibited in the Hotel and/or Hotel area from 10PM to 7AM. If the Guest does not comply with this prohibition and thereby disturbs other Guests staying at the Hotel (i.e., at least one Hotel Guest complains about the noise to the Hotel Administration), he will be fined EUR 250 and will be liable for any damages to others.
  • To smoke in Hotel rooms, common areas, outside the Hotel windows and doors. The fine for such conduct is EUR 500. Smoking is allowed only in specially equipped and marked places. For the safety of the Hotel guests, all rooms are equipped with a fire detection and alarm system.
  • To leave young children and incapacitated/disabled people unattended in the rooms and public areas of the Hotel. Parents/guardians/caregivers/accompanying persons must ensure the safety of such persons at the Hotel.
  • To climb and to allow children/wards/dependants living with him/her to climb on the furniture, beams, bricks and other objects and constructions in the rooms.
  • To bring/let in unauthorized persons (i.e., guests not living in the Hotel) to the Hotel without the consent of the Administration.
  • To bring into the Hotel and/or to store in the Hotel objects, substances dangerous to human health, life, property, as well as to bring, store, use narcotic and/or psychotropic substances. In specified cases of violations of prohibitions, the Hotel Administration has the right to call the police to record the violation.