…“Zyplių dvaro oficina” is a unique recreation area, which combines the historical past and modernity of the manor…

More than a century ago, in creating and nurturing a unique manor house, Count Potockis used not only his rich knowledge gained in foreign universities, but also the most famous gardeners of Paris and Warsaw. Burning with a passion for global trends and discoveries at the time, he dug ponds and built bridges through them, installed fountains and nurtured a 21-hectare park which still surrounds the buildings of the Zypliai manor.

It is one of the most unique manor parks in the country, created by a man who has accumulated a great deal of knowledge in the field of agriculture, and who actively supported art and wrote works of literature. An alley of 200 balsamic poplars, Manchurian walnut trees, maples and larch planted specifically for the park, these are just a few of the dozens of secrets of the manor park created by the Count that remain to this day.

Today, in the unique plain of the Sūduva region, surrounded by forests, neo-baroque style manor houses built by the count and the history of the park we resurrect to new life. More than a hundred years later, driven by a passion for work, history, quality of life, leisure and innovations, we bring life back to the manor and open the door to a hotel that has no analogues – “Zyplių dvaro oficina”.


Rezervuokite kambarius +370 685 34432, el. p. uzsakymai@kuchmistrai.lt ir leiskite mums pasirūpinti Jūsų patogiu ir turiningu poilsiu užmiesčio ramybės oazėje – 4* viešbutyje Zyplių dvaro oficina.

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