Must be ordered at least 2 days in advance.

Beef entrecote coocked in a piece (1.5-2 kg) served with root                                                                  100,00€/kg

egetable garnish and veal broth sauce


Roast duck with oranges and brandy, served with wine-soaked                                                               50,00€

plums, young potato fried in smoked butter and pickled fennel


Oven-baked guinea fowl pie poured with herb broth, served with                                                           55,00€

stewed red cabbage, fresh salads, young potatoes and grilled courgettes ( 5-6 portions)


Pigeon stewed in red wine and starka, served with black currant                                                           20,00€

sauce sweet potatoe chips and parsnip mash


Handmade bagels with stewed duck and roasted bacon                                                                          5,00€/vnt.