“Zanavykai regale”

zanavyku-krasto-ragaucius-69599194Your stomach starts rumbling just at the first thought about home smoked bacon, sausage, acorn coffee, or cabbage, baked in oven? You would like to find out more about Lithuania and Zanavykai land? If so – this program is just for you! During the program you will be met by the “mistress of the house” and her “maids“ who will present the guests the history of meals and drinks of Zanavykai land, will teach them the local dialect and will seat the guests at the table according to the unique traditions of this land! The people, who have taken part in the educational “Zanavykai regale” program, say that this experience is good not only for one’s stomach, but for the heart as well: some of them have really great amusement, and the others even shed a tear, newly finding real, live, unique and a little bit exotic Lithuania.

You can try this program at the restaurant “KUCHMISTRAI”.


Title Duration Number of guests Price per guest
“Zanavykai regale” without educational program* 45 minutes 8 – 50** 8 €
 “Zanavykai regale” with educational program* 1 hour 15 minutes 8 – 50** 10 €
“Zanavykai regale” with educational programs of Zanavykai museum 2 – 3 hours 8 – 50** 13 €
Additional services Duration  
Live music (village musicians) 1 hour From 50 €

* We are perfectly able to meet the guests’ demands, so the form, duration and even the menu of the desirable program can be adapted under the guests’ request.

** If the number of the guests is bigger than it was planned, we can offer more spacious premises.


Educational program “Zanavykai regale” you can order by phone +370 685 34432